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1. What is the meaning of your band name?

In fact the name D=OUT contains the element "untruth" (comment of translation: In Japanese the word "Dauto" is commonly used as term for the card game "I doubt it", in which the players try to fluke a bluff with true or false statements about their hand), but we exactly decided in favour of this meaning to emphasize our opposed image.


2. How did you get to know each other?

Actually by coincidence, through the introduction of a friend.


3. What was it like to get a record deal in Europe so early?

We thought it’s absolutely great that we can reach people with our music outside of Japan and in Europe, who listens to our music!

And that’s the reason we want to attempt to bring much more of our music to Europe!


4. What was the first thing you did/thought when you heard you’ll go to Germany/Europe?

We answered immediately: Of course we’ll do it! And there was much more pleasant anticipation than sorrows. True to the motto: Let’s go!


5. What’s your impression about Germany?

It was great! I had the impression, the people are very individual; and the beer and the sausages were really delicious!


6. What do you think about the German fans?

The fans took part really enthusiastically and I had the feeling slowly but surely we’re reaching the boiling point! We had tons of fun!


7. Who was you idol when you were a kid?

Professional baseballer Ichiro!


8. What kind of experiences did you gain in Europe?

I grew in confidence, because I saw we make an impression just with our music and having fun on stage and we’ll be understood – no matter where!


9. What did you like most?

Of course the live shows where we gave everything together with the fans!  Just great!


10. Was there something you were missing from home?

Because we were so passionate welcomed by the fans in every country there was actually nothing we missed!


11. Message to the fans:

We just returned to Japan and we can say, the Europe Tour was great in every country we have visited! We’d love to come back immediately, but until the time has come again, please wait for us and rock on!


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