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New Single "Aoi tori"

In addition to the mini-album Touryuumon, which is set to come out on July 22nd, D=OUT have unveiled... weiterlesen
3.6.09 12:08


Live report on JaME U.K.

You can read a live report (with some pictures) from the concert in Utrecht, Netherlands HERE ... weiterlesen
4.6.09 01:58


We finally made it We have a gallery It's not really ready yet, but almost... time after time ... weiterlesen
16.6.09 20:18

New pics & layout

New promotional pics from their blogs and official site added to our gallery =^.^=And we have a new ... weiterlesen
19.6.09 10:02

Listening samples

...from 4 of their new songs on their blog profileshttp://profile.ameba.jp/d-out-reika... weiterlesen
19.6.09 18:43

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