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Wie vor ein paar Wochen angekündigt, hatten wir die Chance, mit Hilfe von CLJ Records, D=OUT ein paar Fragen zu schicken.
Kouki hat sich die Zeit genommen und unsere (und eure) Fragen zu beantworten.


Like we said some weeks ago, we had the pleasure - with the support of CLJ Records - to send D=OUT some questions.
Kouki took his time and answered our (and you) questions.




Thank you to:
Kouki, who took his time and answered our questions
CLJ Records, who translated the questions for us and passed them through to Kouki
6.5.09 13:54


New Mini-Album

D=OUT announced the beginning of a new two-month consecutive release campaign. First of all, the band will release a new mini-album titled Touryuumon on July 22nd, which will consist of covers from their favorite artists. A provisory tracklist has already been released, including Kabukichou no joou by Sheena Ringo, Tsuyoku hakanaki monotachi by Cocco, Koi no Vacance by The Peanuts, Heya to Y-shirt to watashi by Hiramatsu Eri and Manatsu no umi by Kojima Mayumi.

The group will also release another CD on August 26th, but the details are yet to be announced.

6.5.09 00:24

22.4.09 10:39

Vanilla Edge

Today Minase announced on his blog the launching of his own jewellery 「sympathy」 at Vanilla Edge.

Here's the first pic of it

We hope there will be more information today at

Vanilla Edge

12.4.09 10:59

4.4.09 09:58

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