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We finally made it

We have a gallery

It's not really ready yet, but almost...
time after time there will be more pictures added

You can register and write comments there

If someone has some fanarts, wallpaper and so on and wants to share, write us a message.


16.6.09 20:18


Live report on JaME U.K.

You can read a live report (with some pictures) from the concert in Utrecht, Netherlands


4.6.09 01:58

New Single "Aoi tori"

In addition to the mini-album Touryuumon, which is set to come out on July 22nd, D=OUT have unveiled details of the second release of their two-month consecutive campaign.

Due to hit stores on August 26th, the new single is called Aoi tori and will include, besides the title-track, the b-side Kimon.
It will be available, as usual, in three different editions: two limited versions and a regular one, which will also include an additional third track named Harukaze Shalala (cordiality ver.).

3.6.09 12:08

Hakkutsu Ban 008

Hakkutsu Ban 008[Book + Comment CD]
Price: 1000 yen // 7.59€
Release Date:2009/07/15
Description:Book features D=OUT including aritist comment CD.
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=DCZH-1050
19.5.09 12:15

Interview on JaME

You can find a short Interview with Kouki, Ibuki and Reika and some pictures from Paris

6.5.09 21:39

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