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We moved to another server...

MySpace doesn't like the link so...I hate it...

anyways, the site is still at


If it doesn't work, just send a mail to us

We will close this site in a couple of days...

Hope you like the new one ^^

28.6.09 23:17


PV Preview 恋のバカンス

You can watch a PV Preview here

Unfortunately  you have to be registered to watch it

*click me*

22.6.09 11:06


Kouki posted it today on his blog


20.6.09 12:54

Listening samples

...from 4 of their new songs on their blog profiles

19.6.09 18:43

New pics & layout

New promotional pics from their blogs and official site added to our gallery =^.^=

And we have a new layout at out MySpace... take a look °(^o^)°

19.6.09 10:02

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